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Our team

Christophe Thomas

Christophe thomas

Founder and manager

After working for 5 years in France in the fields of metallurgy, welding and industrial piping, Christophe came to settle in Quebec. His experience, his know-how, his mastery of the trade and his versatility allowed him to successfully carry out several mandates in various sectors. In 2019, noting the high demand for experienced workers in his field and the lack of follow-up for these workers within companies, he decided to found his own placement company. With his employees, he always favors dialogue and exchanges in order to create a relationship of trust. Christophe is a perfectionist, he is ambitious, he likes challenges, but above all, the satisfaction of his customers is paramount for him

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Maryse Meloche

Maryse Meloche

General Manager

Over the last few years, Maryse has made a name for herself in the industrial sector by carrying out several professional welding and assembly mandates. In her career, she has distinguished herself by carrying out various projects for various small and medium-sized businesses in the province, using different welding processes on all types of metals. These different mandates have led her to have an extensive knowledge of different sectors of activity and, by the same token, to create a solid network of contacts. Maryse is a versatile, attentive and results-oriented person. She turns problems into challenges and solutions.

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